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WPW Wine of the Year

Chateau Guiot is the benchmark winery in the Costieres de Nimes. Costières de Nîmes is an AOC for wines that are produced in an area between the ancient city of Nîmes and the western Rhône delta, in the French department of the Gard. Formerly part of the Languedoc region of France. Since the wines more resemble those of the Rhône valley in character than of the Languedoc, it is now part of the Rhone wine area and administered by the Rhône Wine committee which has its headquarters in Avignon.

Yesterday I was brought a new cuvee from this venerable winery to sample and amazingly they have gone to an even higher level. Better than many Chateauneuf du Papes and rivaling even Northern Rhone wines for complexity and breed, this could be West Palms WINE OF THE YEAR! The wine has just arrived stateside and should be our cellars in less than 2 weeks. This is one to buy multiple cases of and has garnered the highest score I have ever given a wine in this price range. MUST MUST BUY!


*2016 Chateau Guiot
Cuvee Paulinette
Costieres de Nimes
$19.99btl/$215.89 per case
(Jim Sirna 97)

I haven’t used this term to describe a wine in a long time but this one fits the bill. It’s an INKY MONSTER! Pour a ½ inch in the glass and it is completely opaque. A beautiful deep, dark red. Give it a swirl and watch the legs slowly form and crawl slowly back to the bottom of the glass. Aged in 2 year old oak barrels from Gaja, (yes that Gaja), and a blend of 95% Grenache & 5% Syrah from 80 plus year old vines, the nose is a knockout combination of juicy, succulent black fruits and exotic spices. In the mouth it is intense and full bodied but manages not to be weighty or overwrought. Black cherries, underbrush and wet stones combine with roasted meat flavors, truffle and graphite. The finish is incredible long and clings tenaciously to the palate. This is a Tour de Force. Lush, savory and seductive….GRAND VIN!