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White Burgundy Bargain

Every time I offer this wine it disappears quickly

Want to drink like a millionaire for a pittance? Matrot is one of our favorite producers from Meursault. The wines are top notch. AND BY FAR our best selling Chardonnay here at WPW is Matrot’s Borugogne Blanc..

Excellent Burgundy for $20.00 per bottle.
And the 2017 Vintage is one of the best yet!
Just arrived back in stock. Grab your cases today!

The Matrot domaine is one of the oldest estate-bottlers in Burgundy and one of the largest and most important properties in Meursault. It is widely represented on the wine lists of France’s greatest restaurants, and has been distributed in the United States for over thirty years. Thierry Matrot and his wife, Pascale are the owners.

The domaine farms about 3/4 of its 45 acres, some of the finest vineyards in the heart of Burgundy.The average age of the vines is an impressive 30 years. Thierry Matrot works towards the achievement of one major goal: to produce a wine that retains its elegance while maximizing both the fruit and the native tang of the soil. In order to accomplish this goal, he relies upon his wine making philosophy: “wine is made in the vineyards – and far less than people think, in the cellar. However talented the oenologist, with poor raw materials he is lost before he has even started.” 100% estate-bottling has been practiced at the domaine since Thierry’s grandfather, Joseph Matrot, took it over in 1908.

*2017 Bourgogne Blanc Matrot
$21.25btl/$229.50 per case
Really a “Baby Meursault”
(Jim Sirna 93)

Hate to admit it but my wife and I drink this wine like water! The quality to price ratio is very high. Thus the high rating. A nose of white flowers with just a hint of honey/butterscotch. Medium weight this gets some barrel but no new oak. Nice acidity adds balance to the ripe but not overripe palate of fruits. The finish if refreshing with a touch of citrus. The bottles disappear quickly at my house! AND, the 2017 Vintage is as friendly as it gets. GRAND VIN!

As written in SF Gate: Chardonnay-wise, the Matrots dabble in rarefied ground – the Burgundy commune of Meursault. That village is also the source for their Bourgogne Blanc, from 30+-year-old vines and fermented with indigenous yeast. Which is to say: They’re treating their basic juice with class; its apple flesh, mustard seed and subtle opulence stand out. A great reminder of how Burgundy remains affordable around the fringes.