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What is Jim Drinking?

Everyone is always asking me, “What are you drinking Jim?” Well that changes constantly, but I am always drinking something! And here are two wonderful wines from the Loire Valley that have caught my fancy. And I am sure they will thrill you as well. And another reason I like doing the “What is Jim Drinking” is that I get to dredge of photos of me from the distant past! When my liver was young and functioning!


“Always use pictures of yourself from at least 25 years ago!”

François Chidaine worked alongside his father Yves for many years, and today he devoutly manages an estate blessed with vines between 40 and 80 years old. For years he was a leader first in organic and then in biodynamic farming. Today, he is devoted to what is referred to in the United States as “carbon farming”, which involves implementing practices that are known to improve the rate at which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and converted into plant material and soil organic matter

*2018 Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Francois Chidaine
$13.99btl/$151.09 per case
(Jim Sirna 93)

The first time I tried this wine I was flying to Morocco and it was the House Wine on Air France. Beautiful straw color. The nose is quite reserved, not the cat pee and grapefruit associated with New World Sauvignon Blanc. Lemon zest and citrus notes dominate and the aromas are bright and pure. Vibrant acidity jangles the taste buds yet it is silky and balanced. The finish is clean and refreshing. Very fine indeed!

Patient Cottat was a famous Master Goldsmith in mid-19th century France. Born in Paris, he loved the Berry region of central France. His legacy is perpetuated through a selected Le Grand Caillou varietal range grown in the French Valley of the Kings.

*2017 Pinot Noir “Le Grand Caillou” Patient Cottat
$11.99btl/$129.49 per case
(Jim Sirna 94)

Many of you bought and loved the 2010 Sancerre Rouge from Cottat that I offered recently. It drank like a nice, mature Red Burgundy. This wine offers an amazing value for a well made Pinot Noir. Very pretty garnet color. Beautiful aromatics of strawberries, cranberries and black currant with a hint of pepper and anise. Medium bodied and ultra smooth on the palate this wine is nicely balanced with fine acidity and bright fruits. The finish is elegant and full of finesse. A Pinot that delivers a lot for very little money.