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The Batard-Montrachet of Italy Under $50btl

The name Cervaro comes from the noble family that owned Castello della Sala during the 14th century, Monaldeschi della Cervara. A blend of Chardonnay grapes and a small quantity of Grechetto make a wine that can age over time and represent the elegance and complexity of this unique estate. Cervaro della Sala is one of the first Italian white wines to have malolactic fermentation and aging take place in barriques. The first vintage of Cervaro to be produced was the 1985 vintage by world famous winemaker Renzo Cotarella.

Today, the current vintage is 2018 and it is being called the “Batard-Montrachet of Italy”. That’s quite a statement but once you taste the wine you will be a believer. And, at under $50btl you decide if the cost difference, by a whole decimal point might I add, is worthy of the claim.

Wine will arrive next week.
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2018 Castello della Sala * Cervaro della Sala
96pts RP
$59.99btl or
**EMAIL DEAL- $299.70 per six pack
($49.95btl- lowest price ANYWHERE)

Compared to the 2017 vintage that shows a more accessible and full-bodied style, the 2018 Cervaro della Sala is a classic edition-it’s about as classic as I have ever tasted this landmark white from Umbria to be. This cooler vintage prizes finesse and elegance, and those traits are matched by efforts in the winery to accomplish that same goal. On many levels, the 2018 vintage opens a new chapter for Cervaro della Sala, with a stronger emphasis on preserved lemon, crisp pear and crushed mineral. The wine offers beautiful freshness and linearity. I must also mention that this vintage is released while the fruit is still a bit closed or shy. That slightly reductive approach bodes very well for the wine’s future evolution.