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Sancerre Rouge

As you all know, I love Burgundy. And when I have a taste for Pinot Noir, I rarely stray from there. But this morning I was presented with a Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley made by one of my favorite Sancerre Producers, Patient Cottat. A 2010 Vintage no less. HOLY COW! This wine drinks like a mature Burgundy that could easily have an extra decimal point added to the price. My first question….”How much do you have?” My next response…”I will take it all” And since I bought it all they left the sample bottle here. That won’t last long. And neither will this wine. Buy this one by the case!



Situated in Verdigny, in the heart of the Sancerre appellation, Maison FOURNIER is the legacy of several generations of winegrowers. It all began in 1950, when Paul Fournier started his business activities. For him, viticulture was all about passion. It took him 9 years to accomplish his objective of producing his first wine on just 2 hectares of land! Twenty years later, Claude and Jacques, two of his sons, picked up the torch and developed the vineyard with a similar passion. In the early 1990s, Maison FOURNIER – Père et Fils covered over 60 hectares located throughout the most renowned appellations of Sauvignon Blanc: Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and Menetou-Salon. Since then, the vineyard grew with the acquisition of highly acclaimed domaines like Saint Romble in Sancerre and also Les Berthiers (Jean Claude Daganeau) and Domaine Paul Corneau in Pouilly-Fumé. The Fournier family spared no effort and continuously developed the business into the company that we know today. The wines of Maison FOURNIER- Père et Fils are renowned in over 65 countries for their consistent quality.


*2010 Sancerre Rouge “Anciennes Vignes
Patient Cottat
$19.99btl/$215.89 per case
(Jim Sirna 94) MUST BUY

This is 100% Pinot Noir form 20-45 year old vignes. Smells like Mature Burgundy! Pretty color with slight browning around the rim. The nose is ripe black cherries, forest floor, anise & bitter sweet chocolate. The palate is elegant with fine acidity, more red and black fruits and is spicy and mineral driven. The finish is complex, refreshing and very clean. It is fully mature now and with a slight chill can be served with a myriad of foods. Tasted blind I would have guessed Burgundy. At this price a Must Buy. Where do find mature Burgundy for under $20 per bottle?