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No Swill Zone Alert- FIRST EVER $4btl Chianti

The No Swill Zone wines of 2020 are just ROCKING! First we had a great little French Pinot Noir and now we have an incredible Chianti. From the hills of Tuscany just outside of Florence comes IL Carnevale. You will be amazed at the qaulity and drinkability of this little gem. Not only perfect with pizza, burgers and pasta but also with wings, BBQ and Saturday night get-togethers.

This offer is good only by emailed responses. We have plenty, for now, so hit reply and stock up.

Mark Twain once said, “No swill for me; I’m not a cow, I will not eat it–loathe it now; I can’t! I won’t! I shan’t, I vow!”

2015 IL Carnevale * Chianti
91pts ML
$5.99btl or
CRAZY EMAIL CASE DEAL- $48.00cs ($4)

This is a great vintage for Sangiovese, and Carnevale embraces this fact with exuberance and enthusiasm. The 2015 Chianti offers tight and precise fruit characteristics with crisp forest berry, cassis and dried blueberry. The wine is profoundly steady and straight with absolutely no rough edges. This is a friendly easy drinking red with balanced acidity tucked in on the finish.