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Champagne pioneers, Duval-Leroy has always been driven by a quest for high standards and innovation in every aspect of the business, from quality, consistency and certification through to partnerships with sommeliers and chefs. A family business and a French institution,… Continue reading

92pt Cab Lovers Bordeaux Under $20btl

Château Grand Clapeau Olivier is a small Chartreuse built at the end of the 19th century, in the classic Bordeaux style. A little away from the Médoc wine route, the property comprises more than 120 hectares, including 36 hectares of… Continue reading

MUST BUY New Italian Summer Wines

Just got in several new Italian wines just in time for summer. The white is a very traditional, light and crisp wine from Piedmont and the red is super fun juicy wine from the Veneto region. Both perfect for the… Continue reading

93pt Graves Bordeaux UNDER $15btl- WPW EXCLUSIVE

Generation after generation, Dominique Haverlan and his family thrived on Bordeaux’s terroirs. Dominique took his independence from his family in 1988 when he bought Château Gaubert. It worked well, so he continued the adventure in Pessac-Leognan. That also worked well,… Continue reading

Bordeaux in Lebanon? AMAZING!

The name IXSIR derives from ‘Iksir’, the original Arabic word for ‘Elixir’, a word common to many languages that defines the purest form of all substances – a secret potion that grants eternal youth and love.

IXSIR’s vineyards are spread… Continue reading

95pt Gaja and 94pt Brunello Deals- LOWEST ONLINE

The deals just keep coming and with Jim away on vacation, I’m selling out the cellar! Today it’s all about Tuscany!

Gaja, known for their Barbaresco, makes wine in Bolgheri with Bordeaux grapes. Magari, which means “I wish” in Italian,… Continue reading

94pt Northern Italian Red – HALF OFF!!!

Wine experts believe that Italy is home to more native wine grapes than any other country in the world. Yet many Italian wine lovers can’t name more than a handful of the estimated 2,000 varieties. Some of the country’s most… Continue reading

96pt Super Tuscan Reds Under $45btl- LIMITED

Petrolo is one of Italy’s top Merlot producers and the winery has done much to establish the grape’s heritage outside celebrated areas such as Pomerol. In fact, the wines are often compared to great expressions from France but is distinguished… Continue reading

Baby Cote Rotie

Côte-Rôtie has a rich winegrowing tradition that dates back to the Greeks and Romans, and its terraced granite and schist vineyards are among some of the steepest in the world. Decades ago as many of these terraces crumbled in ruins,… Continue reading