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MUST BUY Baby Brunello Blowout

Andrea Cortonesi’s Uccelliera offers distinctive wines that reflect the characteristics of the Castelnuovo dell’Abate subzone in the southeast quadrant of the appellation. The vineyard is planted at various elevations spread across three tiers. The lower level at 150 meters above sea level sees heavier calcareous marl clay soils. The geology at 250 meters above sea level sees a mix of clay and sandy soils with a much larger presence of limestone and mineral. The highest vineyards at 350 meters above sea level consist of limestone Galestro rocks mixed into primarily clay soils. These soil differences give Andrea many primary colors to mix on his proverbial painter’s pallet. He blends fruit from the various sites – with darker more concentrated flavors from the heavier soils and elegant aromas from the limestone-rich areas – to shape the style he wants to achieve in each successive vintage.

Uccelliera Rosso is considered to be as good, or sometimes even better, than most other producers Brunello. That’s quite a statement but it’s never been more true than in 2017. This Rosso is high octane and delivers on quality. Check our deals, we beat everyone. But, as always, be fast.. quantities are limited. Wine is in stock now.


2017 Uccelliera * Rosso di Montalcino
91pts RP
Reg. price- $32.50btl
EMAIL 6btl DEAL- $174.00 ($29btl- better than the regular 10% discount)
EMAIL CASE DEAL- $324.00 (that’s $27btl- lowest anywhere)

The 2017 Rosso di Montalcino is a simple and straightforward wine that goes into wood for six months and into bottle for another four months before it hits the market. You get great value with a wine like this, which offers pristine primary fruit followed by grilled herb and moist potting soil. In all, you get all the best qualities of stripped down Sangiovese produced in a warm vintage. However, don’t underestimate the wine’s structure, because you do feel those integrated tannins at the back. The fruit is cheerful and bright. Baby Brunello?