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MUST BUY $10 Sicilian White Below Cost

I love the wines from Feudo Disisa. We have always carried these wines, and the olive oil, for years. Today, we have an incredible deal on their Fiano.
If you are not familar with Fiano, it normally comes from the region of Compagna in Italy where it is considered one the the best white wines produced in the country. Some other regions like Pulgia and Abruzzo also make a version of this wine a s well.
Sicily isn’t quite known for this varietal but the mountains just west of Palermo make for just the right conditions for this wine to flourish.

Look at the ONLINE price and see our everyday price… we beat everyone by over $5btl. And, when you buy it by the case, it’s a must buy white wine perfect for summer. Respond now with your order. Wine will arrive later this week.


2017 Feudo Disisa * Terra delle Fate Fiano
91pts JS
ONLINE PRICE- $18.99btl
EMAIL SPECIAL CASE PRICE- $120.00cs ($10btl)

The 2017 Disisa Fiano is nicely put together, with its various moving parts working together in smooth unison. The bouquet is shapely and bright with tangy citrus, peach, cantaloupe melon, cut flower and crushed gravel. What stands out most is the quality and the intensity of those nicely presented primary aromas. On the palate, it’s medium to full-bodied, glossy and layered, with lovely purity, concentration and depth, concluding with a long, flavorful finish. If there’s a better example of Fiano being made in the outside of Campagna, I’d love to taste it.