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Masterclass Wine Event- Super Tuscan

WPW Masterclass Wine Series:
Tuscany, Italy

On Wednesday, January 22nd at 6pm, we welcome Vincenzo d’Andrea, manager from Bibi Graetz winery, Tuscany, here at WPW for the first in our series of Masterclass wine tastings of 2020.

This amazing adventure explores the many different wines from Bibi and shows the reason he has become one of Italy’s most ingenious winemakers adding “cult winemaker” in addition to “talented abstract artist” to his dossier.

Cost for this event is $50pp plus tax and must be paid in advance to secure the spot. Space is limited and ONLY emailed responses will be taken.

Here is the evenings lineup:

At the Bar:
2018 Bibi Graetz Casamatta Bianco

2017 Bibi Graetz * Testamatta Bianco

2016 Bibi Graetz * Grilli Toscana Rosso

2016 Bibi Graetz * Soffocone di Vincigliata

2016 Bibi Graetz * Testamatta

2012 Bibi Graetz * Colore