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Holiday Bubbles

The entire staff at West Palm Wines would like to wish all our clients a Happy and Healthy New Year. And there is no better way to stock your Holiday Bar than with our most popular sparkling wine………Louis Perdrier. At this price you can take a bath in it!


Cremant de Bourgogne
Many of you may not know that they make lots of sparkling wine in Burgundy. It cost way less than Champagne and delivers allot of bang for the buck!

Louis Perdrier is a high quality French Sparkling Wine (‘vin mousseux’ ), made from only the finest French white grapes. The grapes follow a rigorous selection process in the region of production and a subsequent tasting analysis at the cellars in Beaune The selected wines are blended and, after the second fermentation, they undergo an extended ageing on the lees in vats in order to produce a sparkling wine with good balance and longevity.
The Louis Perdrier Brut is a blend of white french grapes including Ugni blanc, Colombard, Chenin, Folle Blanche, and Menu Pineau. Following the success of the Louis Perdrier Brut, a Rose was introduced to the range. Louis Perdrier Rosé is a blend of Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cinsault. Fantastic, hand crafted wines for a pittance!
*Louis Perdrier Brut$8.95btl/$96.66 per case
*Louis Perdrier Rose Brut$9.95btl/$107.96 per case