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Great NEW Sicilian Wines 92-94pts Under $30btl

Fabio Sireci’s story is very simple. He started as a grower who sold fruit to the likes of Tasca d’Almerita and other prominent Sicilian producers. Over the years, he perfected his growing techniques and farming methodologies, soon developing a reputation as one of the finest growers of Nero d’Avola on the island. He executed various experimental trials and clonal selection efforts to earn this prized recognition. As his reputation reached an apex, Fabio ventured out on his own to start his label, Feudo Montoni.
Located in the province of Agrigento in central Sicily, he runs an estate of stunning beauty. Trellised grape rows line naked hills planted to grains and wild grasses. From his winery and farmhouse, he enjoys 360-degree views of untouched and unspoiled countryside that is as remote as it is romantic. He is one of the producers I admire most in Sicily and his name always comes to mind when I crave Nero d’Avola.

Wines will arrive later this week, respond now to reserve yours.


2017 Feudo Montoni * Sicilia Grillo della Timpa
92pts AG
$21.50btl or $232.20cs

From the Agrigento area of Sicilia, the 2017 Sicilia Grillo della Timpa has a sharp, grassy personality with bright citrus and topical fruit notes of candied orange peel and ripe peach. The wine is fresh, zesty and easy to drink. The results are super fresh and zesty with mineral definition and white flower aromas. I highly recommend this fabulous value wine.


2016 Feudo Montoni * Sicilia Nero d’Avola Lagnusa
93+pts AG
$23.99btl or $259.09cs

Fabio Sireci farms one of the most beautiful vineyard spots in Italy that overlooks an infinite expanse of vines and shifting waves of grain over softly rolling hills in inland Sicily. On a cloudy day, you can watch the magnificent peek-a-boo of brilliant sunbeams shine over the landscape as if you were in front of a life-sized movie screen. Those beautiful images always come to mind when I drink this wine. The wine is dark and ripe at its core, but it shows a delicate framing of cola, dried rosemary, scorched earth, smoke, wild mushroom and fragrant rose hip. The bouquet is fluid and ever moving-much like that Sicilian landscape I described above-offering new layers of aromas with every swirl of the glass. In the mouth, the wine is fresh and very alive.


2016 Feudo Montoni * Sicilia Perricone Core
94pts AG
$28.50btl or $307.80cs

Perricone is known for its dark and impenetrable appearance, and that’s exactly what you get here. The 2016 Sicilia Perricone Core is a beast of a wine with roaring aromas of black fruit, raisins, shriveled prune and cherry cola. On the palate the wine opens to immediate intensity with dark fruit, barbecue smoke, cured meat, balsam herb and exotic spice. The Perricone grape is also called “Guarnaccia” in Sicilian dialect and the variety is gaining a steady, under-the-radar following. It is a difficult variety to farm and Feudo Montoni offers one of the best expressions on the market today.