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Burgundy Door Buster Sale

Marsannay is the village which marks the northern gateway to the Côte d’Or on leaving Dijon, the capital of Burgundy and home to the Ducs de Bourgogne. This village marks the beginning of the Route des Grands Crus which follows the N6 highway through the Côte d’Or. Wines from Marsannay are generally lively and robust; characteristics that come from the rich iron soil. Marsannay received its Appellation Contrôlée as recently as 1987 in recognition of the consistently high quality of its wine.

I am very pleased to offer a superb example of this village from the renowned cellars of Louis Jadot. We have the best price on the net and are offering our usual case discount, 12btls, on these six pack cases. Only 6, six packs are available. Don’t wait they won’t last the afternoon.


*2016 Marsannay Clos du Roy Louis Jadot
$39.99btl/$215.95 per case of six
(Jim Sirna 94)

Clos du Roy means “The Kings Enclosure” and this wine is worthy to be served to nobility….which in this case would be you. A beautiful, bright garnet color. Aromas of cranberries, currant and raspberries fill the glass. In the mouth it is plump with succulent black cherries, almost liqueur like, orange peel, earth tones and supple tannins. Bright, vibrant acidity give freshness and intensity. The finish is refreshing with complexity and a touch of rustic charm. This is Premier Cru quality Burgundy for a relative pittance. OOPS, only 5 six packs and 5btls left as I am drinking one as we speak!