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Bordeaux in Venice- MUST BUY

The Tenuta Polvaro estate was founded by the Polvaro family in 1681. This noble Venetian family completely transformed the original forest plot into beautifully cultivated fields suitable for growing the finest grapes. They built the manor house, barchessa (open barn) and sacred chapel, both of which we still admire today. The Candoni De Zan family has purchased the Tenuta Polvaro estate and has brought it back to its original beauty and splendor with respect to its seventeenth century architecture.
First under the rule of the Romans, and later the Republic of Venice, this territory has an extensive and renowned history of viticulture and enology. Sailors loaded these ancient wines onto their ships and galleys, using them as objects of trade exchanges all over its dominion.

This is truly an amazing wine for the money. Making Bordeaux styled wines in this region isn’t the norm and definitely not at this level of quality. This is a homerun wine for those who love Bordeaux blends especially at this price. Check online, it’s virtually nowhere. The one, and only, retailer listed sells it for $48btl… our everyday is $15.99 and when you buy it by the case it’s even cheaper.

Wine will arrive early next week.


2015 Tenuta Polvaro * Venezia Polvaro Nero
93pts ML
$15.99btl or $172.69cs

A balanced red, with juicy acidity, this offers an earthy undertow to its ripe black raspberry, wild strawberry and fig fruit flavors, as well as hints of tomato leaf, ground clove and cumin spice. This Bordeaux blend of three grapes are hand-picked during the first three weeks of September. Each varietal is vinified separately due to different maturation times. The maceration of the Malbec lasts six days, while the Cabernet and Merlot grapes macerate for ten days. At the end of the maceration process, the grapes are blended during the first fermentation then stored in oak barrels.