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Bordeaux Bliss

Last year I offered the delicious 2016 Chateau Saint Andre Corbin form St Georges St Emilion. And have offered the last six vintages. Well I just tried the 2017 and it is the BEST ONE YET! And the amazing part is we are are offering the 2017 at the same price! NO TARIFF INCREASE. This wine has become a WPW ALL-STAR for its Consistent High Quality and affordable price.


Château Saint-André Corbin is the premier wine estate in the satellite appellation of St.-Georges St. Emilion and one of the oldest estates in all Bordeaux. The château of Saint-André Corbin sits atop a hill just to the north of St. Emilion where it holds a commanding view of some of Bordeaux’s most illustrious vineyards. Historical records indicate that this ancient 47 acre estate was once owned by the illustrious 4th century poet and Roman consul, Ausonius, and its wines graced the tables of more than one Roman emperor and his imperial entourage. And fortunately for us, the wine of Château Saint-André Corbin has not only retained its privileged position over the years, it has improved further under its present ownership – the Saby family. Château Saint-André Corbin has always enjoyed an enviable reputation, the estate’s acquisition by the Saby family in 2003 has brought Saint-André Corbin’s wine to an even higher level of quality. The Saby family has been making wine in the region for an astounding 8 centuries now. In short, we know no red Bordeaux that offers finer quality and value than Château Saint-André Corbin.

*2017 Chateau Saint-Andre Corbin
Saint Georges Saint Emilion
$20.99btl/$226.69 per case
(Jim Sirna 94)

Saint-George-Saint-Emilion is a satellite appellation of the famed Saint-Emilion region of Bordeaux, sitting just to its north. Like most Right Bank vineyards, Merlot dominates here, but you will also find generous use of Cabernet Franc. This wine is comprised entirely of these two varietals. Chateau Saint André Corbin is one of the “finds” of the Aquitaine Wine Company’s Jean-Christophe Calvet, who searches out the petite chateaus of Bordeaux that carry the same qualities found at the larger, more famous estates, but at a less heart-stopping price point. Here is what you are in for: concentrated notes of currant, blackberry that mingle with savory elements of dried thyme and pencil lead. Proper acidity and a tug of tannins come in along with a touch of vanilla, indicating that the year that it spent aging in oak. While there is a lot going on, everything is complete balance. Both modern and traditional principles of winemaking are used, which you should read as either cellar it and be rewarded, or drink now without penalty. Win-win! I suggest you do both
This wine is a traditional blend of 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc. It has a deep crimson color. Aromas of ripe dark, black berries, cedar and chocolate fill the glass. The wine is succulent, round and sensuous. Impeccable balance. The tannins are silky and the finish lingers for quite some time. You could age this wine for a few years but it would hard to keep your hands off it!
This is Top Notch Bordeaux for a PITTANCE!