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Beaune’s Wine Bar

Beaune’s (pronounced Bone’s) is the wine capital of Burgundy in the Bourgogne region of France. It’s known as “a wine lovers paradise.” Beaune’s Wine Bar bears the same name and reputation.

Beaune’s Wine Bar is available to book for Corporate Events as well as Private Tastings and Parties. The wine will be paired with a variety of fromages and other culinary musings prepared by Chef Cody from the “THE VAULT”.

We guarantee to provide you and your guests an unforgettable experience. Please call or Contact us for pricing and availability.

Beaunes Wine BarBeaune’s Wine Bar is one of the most unique event spaces in the Tampa Bay Area. Very few event spaces in the area have been granted Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence. Nine, to be precise, Bern’s, Bob Heilman’s, Forlini’s, Island Way Grill, Tio Pepe, Charley’s, Columbia, SideBern’s and Beaune’s.



Beaune’s Wine Bar is Tampa’s “refuge” for wine lovers. With over 1000 selections to choose from with NO RESTAURANT MARKUP and the finest selection of cured meats, cheeses and pates, why would you go anywhere else? But don’t take my word for it. See what the critics have to say!


I’m not sure if you have been there yet but there is a great new wine bar in Ybor City called Beaune’s Wine Bar which is part of West Palm Wines at the southeast corner of 22nd St. and Palm Ave. Its a little off the beaten path from the main strip along 7th Avenue but its a great place. They have some wine by the glass but their major selling point is you buy a bottle from their retail store or wine cellar and drink it there with no mark up or corkage. They have a great selection of bordeaux and burgundy and the menu, although small, is wonderful and very wine friendly (cheese platters, foie gras, carpaccio, escargot). Check out their website: http://westpalmwines.com/ BTW, the wines listed on their site are only a small portion of what they have.



The spot: Beaune’s Wine Bar is a classy yet comfy lounge perfect for a first date or an intimate night with friends. Patrons can choose to sit at tables or relax in sleek leather couches and chairs with plush pillows. A long wooden bar stretches across the room, offering a nice spot to mingle. The low lights and tawny-colored walls compliment the old brick building and posh European decor. A long curtain divides an area for private parties and an attached wine store. There are no TVs and the indirect lighting gives the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Everything is exceptionally clean and polished. Prime location: Like a needle in a haystack, Beaune’s Wine Bar blends in with the other brick buildings a few blocks north of Ybor City. Unless you’re paying close attention, you can easily pass the dark corner where it’s located. But, parking is not a problem. Beaune’s has its own fenced, illuminated parking, which is nice because it gives some peace of mind while sipping a glass of wine. The crowd: Diverse is the best way to describe the crowd at Beaune’s. A love for wine brings together people in their mid ’20s and older from all cultures and classes. Everyone was respectful and unobtrusive, flashing an occasional smile across the room. Juice: Unless you’re in the mood for wine, this isn’t the place to visit. The wine list is a well-catalogued roster of mostly European import wines. All wines are moderately priced, so almost anyone is able to enjoy a glass or bottle. If the wines on the list don’t please your palate, you’ll be able to go into the store and pick out a bottle. Tours of the wine cellar add a nice touch to a mellow evening. Music: Music can make or break even the most perfect of atmospheres, but the right volume of soothing jazz sets the right mood. There’s no live music yet, but there is talk of a possible baby grand piano in the corner.

Grub: The menu is simple, with a wide variety of cheese and meat platters to seafood hors d’oeuvre all accompanied by a basket of bread with herb dip, dried fruit, nuts, olives and pickles. Pretty much everything needed to enhance the flavor of any wine. It all starts at $11. The menu also consists of several entrees with a weekly chef special and for dessert, a ricotta cheesecake or flourless chocolate cake.

-Jessica Brady


This dusty old gold Ybor City warehouse is a most industrial wine store, with exposed brick, endless racks, private cellar space and tasting tables. And now it hides a very clubby wine bar. At a bar of polished wine crates, in leather armchairs and at black-draped tables, wooden platters are piled with rare cheeses and sturdy charcuterie meats and glasses filled with finer wines. Wines by the glass are smart, but bottles are smarter. A quick pick list includes sparkling and Rhones in every price range – $20, under $50, under $100 and Old & Rare – plus good Burgundy and Bordeaux back to ’95 in the last two categories. Food has the same pedigree: fourme d’Ambert, old Gouda and two dozen more cheeses, ; nine salamis; prosciutto and pate, or entrees of shrimp and venison. A very rare vintage of sophisticated fare in Ybor.

Menu: Cheese and meat platters latters of meat and cheese, $11 to $24; entrees, $15 to $45. Wine list: 30 labels by the glass or 800labels by the bottle. Pricing: $5 to $20 by the glass

-Chris Sherman