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ANOTHER NEW $5 Italian Red… Cabernet from Tuscany- NO SWILL ZONE EXCLUSIVE

Here is yet another new NO SWILL ZONE wine that is not only an excellent bargain but it’s a WPW exclusive. Last week we offered an amazing Merlot/Sangiovese from Tuscany, this week it’s all about Cabernet. This “SUPERTUSCAN” is our newest addition to our NO SWILL ZONE SELECTIONS!

Mark Twain once said, "No swill for me; I'm not a cow, I will not eat it--loathe it now; I can't! I won't! I shan't, I vow!"

Mark Twain once said, “No swill for me; I’m not a cow, I will not eat it–loathe it now; I can’t! I won’t! I shan’t, I vow!”


2014 Fattoria La Torre * Montecarlo Cabernet Sauvignon
90pts WS
$5.99btl or $60.00cs

Dark currant, blackberry, chocolate, spice, cola and grilled herb are presented at high volume. This wine is exceedingly soft and velvety in texture, with extra long persistency and a super rich, creamy personality.