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Alsace Grand Cru

Once again I am sacrificing my liver to better inform my customers. After spending 90 minutes stuck on the Crosstown behind an accident that blocked the whole road, I needed a drink anyway! Got to work late, but waiting in my parking lot was Nicolas Haegeli, US Export Manager for Lucien Albrecht of Alsace. Straight to the bar we went and I must say the wines outstanding and a bargain for Grand Cru of this quality. And the Crermant Rose was SPECTACULAR! If you love the wines of Alsace don’t miss these. And if you are not familiar with them, these are the ones to introduce you to this superb region. They all arrive next week.


In 1698, Balthazar Albrecht settled in Orschwihr and worked the land with tenacity and passion to build the reputation and authentic character of Alsace wines produced on the rich and renowned terroirs of the Orschwihr vineyard. This passion for the soil, the vines and their fruits-Alsace wines and crémants (quality sparkling wines)-has been nurtured for over 300 years with respect for the traditions handed down through generations. Today, they are the heirs of this ancestral wine-making expertise. Our wine growers in Orschwihr continue to cultivate this rich and generous land. Our wine experts and our team transform these sun-soaked grapes into wine with passion and respect, to ensure that the authentic character of Lucien Albrecht Alsace Wines and Crémants has a safe future in our hands. Lucien Albrecht is proud to celebrate this year an anniversary dear to its heart: 40 years of the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Crémant d’Alsace. As a pioneer in the Crémant d’Alsace, which it began producing in 1971, and thanks to its perseverance and successful trials and tests, it is one of three Alsatian firms to have launched the Crémant d’Alsace. On August 24, 1976 the AOC was made official. In 2016, our celebration of those 40 years centers on our range of Crémant d’Alsace Lucien Albrecht.

*NV Cremant D’Alscae Rose
$16.95btl/$203.40 per case

Made from 100% Pinot Noir this wine really stands out amongst its piers. Lots of fresh strawberry and raspberry notes balanced by saline quality and pleasant herbal notes that complement the prominent fruit. The finish is refreshing and vibrant. This is Champagne quality sparkling for a fraction of the price.


*2015 Pinot Gris Pfingstberg Grand Cru
$29.99btl/$179.94 per case of six
(WE 93)

Ripe, juicy yellow pear and honey carry the nose. The palate hits with a touch of sweetness that boosts the ripe pear fruit but, it is countered by zesty lemon and a pleasantly bitter streak of phenolics. The result is a rounded, powerful and concentrated wine. Drink now-2028.


*2012 Riesling Pfingstberg Grand Cru
$26.50btl/$159.00 per case of six
(WE 93)

A touch of fir honey, lifted lemon oil and dried orange and apple peels create a most enticing, complex nose. The palate is soft and pliable, with a flavor of sweet Mandarin orange flesh, yet the finish is dry. This is sinuous, dry Riesling with tons of charm. Drink through 2028.


*2015 Gewurztraminer Speigel Grand Cru
$32.50btl/$195.00 per case of six
(WE 92)

A honeysuckle overtone mix with hints of ripe peach and zesty lemon on the nose. The off-dry palate strikes a balance between the poles of juicy, aromatic ripeness and lemon zestiness. This is a real mouthful of ripe peach, mandarin and lemon flavors, always perfumed with that honeysuckle streak. Drink now-202