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96 and 95pt Barolo- LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE

Franco and Roberto Massolino completed construction on their new high-tech winery in 2015. It enjoys a fantastic and unique location under the panoramic square in Serralunga d’Alba. This is another fantastic set of new releases from this first-rate Barolo estate.

We have a very special deal on these incredible wines. Check out our btl price, which is already lower than most, then see the six pack price- they are the LOWEST prices anywhere. But, there is not a lot available so act fast! Wines are in stock.


2012 Massolino * Barolo Parussi
95pts JS
$74.99btl or
EMAIL SIX PACK DEAL- $390/6pk ($65btl)

Massolino’s 2012 Barolo Parussi is a dark and savory expression that offers black-fruit intensity. Fruit is from the Castiglione Falletto township (as opposed to Serralunga d’Alba where the winery is based). In this vintage, you could almost mistake it for Serralunga d’Alba, given the power and textural richness it offers. Smoke and tobacco converge on the finish.


2013 Massolino * Barolo Margheria
96pts WS
$79.99btl or
EMAIL SIX PACK DEAL- $420/6pk ($70btl)

From Serralunga d’Alba, the 2013 Barolo Margheria is a wine that offers both elegance and power. You get the strength of texture and fiber that is characteristic of this township with the ethereal and nuanced personality that describes this classic vintage. It will be interesting to see how this wine evolves with ten years or more of cellar aging.