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95+pt Ribera del Duero $25btl- LIMITED

The Perez Pascuas brothers have been producing classical Ribera del Duero wines staying faithful to their style irrespective of fashion or trends since 1980. The wines clearly reflect place, vintage and the house-style of early harvest and austere, long-lived reds.

Today’s offering is a powerhouse Ribera for cheap. Most wines at this quality level from this region start at $50btl and are up over $500btl, think Unico!
This gem is only $25btl when you buy it by the case. But hurry, only 10,830 bottles were produced so quantities are limited.


2005 Hermanos Pérez Pascuas * El Pedrosal Reserva
95+ pts RP
$29.99btl or
EMAIL DEAL- $300.00cs

One of the big surprises of my round in Ribera del Duero was the 2005 El Pedrosal Reserva, a new Tempranillo bottling from the Pérez Pascuas family. From 69-year-old vines, the lot was supposed to be part of the Gran Reserva that was kept and bottled much later. It expresses the varietal, place and year, with a developed nose full of notes of tea leaves, fine leather, earth and brick dust. The label somewhat makes me think of those from López de Heredia in Rioja and, to a point, the wine too. It’s polished and sleek, elegant in that rustic style Ribera del Duero is capable of. It has moderate alcohol and very good acidity. This is a classical red that could probably age for 25 years. It’s a different style from the rest of the Pérez Pascuas portfolio, a wine crafted specially for their US importer, and in principle, it’s only going to be sold in the US. With this 2005, they start with a big bang. A great vin de garde. One to chase!