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92pt Chianti Classico Under $18btl- INCREDIBLE

Pagliarese is a Chianti Classico estate owned by the folks at Fèlsina in Castelnuovo Berardegna. This brand existed until the 1990s and Fèlsina’s Poggiali family acquired it in 1995 with the idea of relaunching it. That finally happened with the release of the 2015 vintage. Pagliarese has 65 hectares of land, of which 25 are planted to vines. This wonderful, very traditional Chianti Classico debuted full-throttle and has no where to go but up. And, we have THE LOWEST bottle price in the country. When you buy this gem by the case, the deal is just too impossible to pass up.

Respond to this email and reserve yours today. Wine will arrive later this week.


2015 Fèlsina * Chianti Classico Pagliarese
92pts AG, VN
$19.99btl or
EMAIL DEAL- $210.00cs ($17.50btl)

The 2015 Chianti Classico is a new wine from Fèlsina’s Pagliarese property. For what seems like forever, Giuseppe Mazzocolin has been the ultimate champion of Sangiovese, long before it was fashionable. With Pagliarese, Mazzocolin and Fèlsina return to a super-classic Chianti Classico based on Sangiovese, of course, but with dollops of Canaiolo, Mammolo and Colorino aged in cask. The debut 2015 is fabulous. Bright, red-toned fruit and an array of floral/savory notes are nicely delineated, but the wine’s purity and extraordinary balance elevate it into the realm of the sublime. What a gorgeous wine this is!