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2015 Domaine Henri Gouges

I remember the first bottle of wine I ever drank from Domaine Henri Gouges. It was a 1978 Nuits St Georges Les St Georges. It was 1993 and I was working at The Burgundy Wine Company in New York City. The owner, Al Hotchkin, always opened something great at lunch time….yes lunch. This was a tough job! The wine was a combination of the finesse and power that make Burgundy so compelling. Here is what I wrote for our newsletter (Yes newsletter) back in 1996. ….”After some spotty years following an extensive replanting the Gouges domaine is now making superb wines. Under Christian and Pierre Gouges the wines are again filled with black cherry fruit. Look especially for the Pruliers (Rich, ripe, wild) and Vaucrains (powerful, structured) both from Old Vines.”

Below is an offer of 2015 wines from Domaine Gouges. In Burgundy circles, it is common knowledge that Gouge’s wines are built for the long term.
They require cellar time and patience.

The wines will be here in February. These prices are the lowest on the net by
$20 to $100 per bottle on winesearcher!

Take Advantage of the Assorted Case to try all the wines.
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Grégory Gouges expressed discrete contentment towards his 2015s. Never one to let hyperbole get the better of him, he lets the wines do the talking and they formed some of the most impressive barrel samples that I have tasted over many years tasting here. “They are a little less classical than the 2014,” he explained. “We had a very early vintage with an early budding. April, May and June were a little hotter than usual and dry, so the flowering period was early and fast. There were very good conditions for the vines with no mildew. I just feel that the opulence of the growing season combined with the intrinsic classicism of Gouges’ style met at a happy equilibrium. There is density to these wines, yet not power-freshness from start to finish. It was only the entry-level Bourgogne Rouge that I found wanting: opt for the delicious and just “fun” Pinot Blanc counterpart instead, but thereon in, it was pleasure all the way crowned by an imperious, outstanding NSG Les Saint Georges… Anyone thought about upgrading that vineyard to Grand Cru status?



*2015 Nuits St Georges Les St Georges 1er Cru
$150.00btl/$1800.00 per case
(Wine Advocate 95-97)

The 2015 Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru Les Saint Georges took three or four minutes to unfold…but what a bouquet! Copious black cherry, cranberry jus, pomegranate and bergamot scents all infused with stupendous mineralité. The palate is medium-bodied with saturated tannin, plenty of blood orange infusing the red and black fruit, a keen line of acidity and a gentle grip towards the finish. It constitutes one of the best vintages that I have tasted in recent years. It should be considered a “stunning victory” for the 2015 vintage, but without wishing to sound like a broken record, please cellar this for 5-7 years for it to attain its drinking plateau.
Here too there is excellent volume to the succulent yet quite serious medium weight plus flavors that exhibit more evident minerality on the energetic, precise and youthfully austere finale. In contrast to the Vaucrains, this excellent effort is likely to require most of my predicted aging curve before it is accessible.


*2015 Nuits St Georges Les Vaucrains 1er Cru
$104.25btl/$1251.00 per case
(Burg Hound 94) “OUTSTANDING”

An exuberantly spicy nose offers up notes of cassis, various black fruit nuances and plenty of earth and game scents. The dense, powerful and brooding big-bodied flavors possess outstanding volume and mid-palate concentration where the abundant dry extract serves to buffer the very firm and imposing tannic spine on the hugely long finish. This is certainly a big wine, in fact it’s borderline massive and not surprisingly it’s going to need a very long time to arrive at its full potential. Recommended.


*2015 Nuits St Georges Les Pruliers 1er Cru
$88.25btl/$1059.00 per case
(Wine Advocate 93-95)

The 2015 Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru Les Pruliers has a more feminine, more fruit-driven bouquet than the NSG Clos des Porrets, very pure crushed strawberry, red cherry and cranberry aromas that gain intensity all the time in the glass. The palate is medium-bodied with blood orange on the entry, plenty of lively red berry fruit with admirable mineralité and tension on the finish. This is a superb les Pruliers from Domaine Gouges and it should give a couple decades worth of drinking pleasure.
(Burg Hound 90-93) “OUTSTANDING”
The velvety, round and seductively textured medium-bodied flavors also possess excellent volume and mid-palate concentration with a very high level of phenolic maturity to the firm supporting tannins on the moderately austere and rustic finale. This too is very definitely classic Nuits in character that will require plenty of patience.


*2015 Nuits St Georges Clos des Porrets 1er Cru MONOPOLE
$69.50btl/$834.00 per case
(Burg Hound 93) “OUTSTANDING”

A notably ripe nose of cassis, black cherry, humus and earth possesses fine complexity. There is outstanding volume and mid-palate concentration to the powerful and mouth coating middle weight flavors that exhibit a subtle minerality on the sappy, dusty, energetic and beautifully persistent finish. This is a classic Nuits that is built-to-age and will need it.